Oracle Launches TimesTen Scaleout!

What a week for announcements! First we had Oracle Database 18c available on-premises and now Oracle TimesTen Scaleout.

If you are not familiar with TimesTen, let me reminder you that it’s Oracle’s  In-Memory Database. In fact, it’s been a leading in-memory database for mission critical applications for over 20 years, and today they just launched an exciting new scalability feature called TimesTen Scaleout.

So, What is Scaleout?

TimesTen Scaleout is a distributed database, with a shared nothing architecture specifically designed to address real-time, transaction processing workloads. Think IoT, real-time trading, telecommunications billing or real-time fraud detection.

Although the database can consist of many physical or virtual machines, it still appears to be a single logical database to the applications  and does not require the database schema to be de-normalized. It’s also fully compatible with Oracle SQL and PL/SQL making it very easy for folks in the Oracle community to adopt it.

It also includes a highly available architecture with multiple active copies of data that are automatically kept in sync. Queries and transactions can be initiated from, and executed on, any replica, ensuring database users always have access to data.

But just how much performance can you expect?

At Oracle Open World last year, a beta version of TimesTen Scaleout achieved an impressive 1.2 Billion queries per second running the Telecom Provider Throughput Benchmark (TPTBM) on commodity hardware. The same TPTBM workload also showed linear scalability with 80% reads and 20% writes achieving 144 million transactions per second.

How do I find out more?

You can get more details on what to expect from TimesTen Scaleout on the TimesTen Blog or in the documentation. You can also download Oracle TimesTen Scaleout here.

Happy scaling!

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