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SQL Tuning Workshop

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering a five-part SQL Tuning Workshop for my local Oracle User Group –  Northern California Oracle User Group. The workshop explains the fundamentals of the cost-based optimizer, the statistics that feed it, the … Continue reading

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Can I use an Autonomous Database to develop new applications?

Yes, Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) is the ideal platform for new application development. With this family of cloud services, developers no longer have to wait on others to provision hardware, install software, and create a database for them. With ADB, … Continue reading

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Oracle Database 19c is now available!

Today, April 25th, Oracle Database 19c became available to downloaded from Oracle Database 19c is the final member of the 12.2 family a.k.a and is therefore the ‘long term support’ release. This means it will come with 4 … Continue reading

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