Day 4 of Oracle Open World 2017

It’s the last day of Oracle OpenWorld and we have saved the very best for last. So hopefully you are still awake and functioning at this stage!

You can start the day off at 12 noon in Moscone West, room 3020 with the Maria & Gerald Venzl show! In this session we will share the Oracle Database Features Every Developer Should Know About. Using clear, easy to follow examples we will explain how you can put these features to work in whatever project you are doing.

Then at 1pm in Moscone West, room 3014, Connor McDonald will discuss if it’s possible for developers and DBAs peacefully coexist in his session War of the Worlds: DBAs Versus Developers.

Right after Connor, at 2pm in Moscone West, room 3020 join Dominic Giles and I for one of my favorite sessions, Five Things You Might Not Know About Oracle Database. In this session Dom and I will provide a detailed explanation of each feature’s functionality and demonstrate the benefits through real-world examples.

Finally you can wrap up your day at 3:30pm in Moscone West, Room 3014 where Juan Loaiza and I will explain in more detail what you can expect from the Oracle Autonomous Database.

It’s also your last chance to get some SQLMaria stickers, so come by one of the sessions and get yours!

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