Upcoming Events : RMOUG 2017

I’m really looking forward to the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Groups Training days next week, at the Colorado Convention Center, as it will bring several new challenges for me.  I am going to be involved in three very different sessions at this year’s conference:

On Wednesday February 8th at 12-1pm, Main Hall Lunch with Oracle Experts 
I am delighted to be taking part in “Lunch with Oracle Experts” for the first time this year! At lunch, several tables will be draped with red tablecloths and each table will be designated with an expert name and expertise. Giving you an opportunity to join whichever group interests you for a roundtable discussion over lunch. If you fancy chatting about the Optimizer, or Database In-Memory or just any SQL performance topic, I’d love to have you join me at my table.
On Wednesday February 8th at 2:30pm, in room 1f  What’s New in Oracle Database 12c
My first session at RMOUG will be a technical introduction to what’s new in Oracle Database 12c. I will cover new features in 7 key areas including performance, security, availability, and analytics. As well as describing the new functionality, I will explain how you can seamless integrate in your existing Oracle Database environments.
On Thursday February 9th at 8:30am in room 1f  Developers vs. DBAs: How to Win the War!
My final session at RMOUG will be a joint session with Gerald Venzl. I know it’s early but I promise it will be worth getting out of bed early to see this double act! Gerald will play the role of an application developer and I will portray a DBA. During the course of the session we will use a live demo (fingers crossed) to show how developers and DBAs can work together to integrate the demands of modern-day application development with the Oracle Database.

I hope to see you there, as it is always a great conference with tons of interesting attendees and a cast of expert speakers.

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