Can I use an Autonomous Database to develop new applications?

Yes, Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) is the ideal platform for new application development.

With this family of cloud services, developers no longer have to wait on others to provision hardware, install software, and create a database for them. With ADB, developers can easily and instantly deploy an Oracle database without worrying about having to manual tune it or capacity planning. This allows developers to start developing in minutes and concentrate on solving business problems without all of the usual distractions.

ADB has the most advanced SQL and PL/SQL support accelerating developer productivity by minimizing the amount of application code required to implement complex business logic. It also has a complete set of integrated Machine Learning algorithms, simplifying the development of applications that perform real-time predictions such as personalized shopping recommendations, customer churn rates, and fraud detection.

What Development Tools should I use with ATP?

As soon as you have provisioned an ADB instance you have access to all of the great features of SQL Developer without having to download any additional software. Each ADB instance comes with its own SQL Developer Web (SQLDev Web).  SQLDev Web provides developers with a worksheet for running queries and scripts, dialogs for creating and editing object, a DBA console for managing the database, and data modeling features.

You can access SQLDev Web via the service console as shown in the video below.

For more information on using SQLDev Web with ADB check out Jeff Smith’s (Master Product Manager for all things SQL Developer and ORDS) recent blog post.

Oracle Application Express (APEX), a low code development framework is also pre-configured, and ready to go out of the box, with ADB.  APEX enables you to design, develop and deploy database-driven applications using only your web browser.

This easy ­to ­use development environment enables developers to quickly load data, manage database objects, develop REST interfaces, and build applications which look and run great on both desktop and mobile devices. Much of the development process is managed for you: security, authentication, database interactions, input validation, session state management and many other dependencies work out of the box.

Access to the APEX environment is also available via the service console. Remember the first time you click on APEX you need to login in to the administrators service in order to create a workspace. You can find the administration service by scrolled down to the bottom of the APEX login screen as shown in the video below.


You can get more information on how to connect to ATP from a number of other development environments including Java, NodeJS and Python in Chapter 2 of the ADB documentation

For more information on all developing new applications on ADB check out Jeff Smith’s  YouTube tutorials:

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