Oracle Database Audio White Papers

Back in April, I shared with you a new white paper that described a set of best practices or management techniques to facilitate IoT workloads with the Oracle Database. Since then there have been a number of updates in this space that I thought were worthy of a follow up post.

Just in case you haven’t found the time to read the white paper yet, don’t panic because you can now listen to it!

That’s right yours truly has recorded an audio book version of the white paper. So if you have got a long commute or just have trouble sleeping, you can listen to the IoT white paper either by streaming it direct from the new Oracle Database Audio White Papers channel or by downloading it to you own personal device!

Currently there are three papers available on the channel, Oracle Multittenant, Transforming Data Management with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 and my Best Practices for IoT workloads paper. More titles should be coming soon but if you have a favorite Oracle white paper you would like to hear as an audio book let me know via the comments below.

So now you can have you favorite Database Product Manager in your pocket!

If reading the white paper or listening to it doesn’t appeal to you, how about watching the movie?

Graham Wood reminded me yesterday that the Real-World Performance team have recorded a series of videos that demonstrate the benefits of the best practices recommended in the IoT whitepaper. I recommending starting with video #7 on set based processing and going from there. Happy viewing!

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